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They call it footy

They really do and I had to see it. Alright, it was for free. Oh right, I think I forgot to mention it before: I got was lucky and received the Ambassador Scholarship from La Trobe University. Because it is always about building a community and bonding they organise some nice events for all ambassadors. The AFL game of Essendon against Richmond was one of those. So, now you are updated and you will understand why in god’s sake anyone would freeze his or her ass off sitting in a cricket stadium (the biggest in Australia) in winter, watching huge dudes in (really) tight shorts chasing a football, hitting it like a volleyball with people on the field who are delivering messages from the coaches directly to the ears of the players. First thing I thought when I saw the players was: they look like beauty queens with their sashes printed on their tricots. Fortunately our (male) american representative explained the main rules to me, so I could at least understand why the hell there are three numbers next to each team name. If you are really interested how that works click here.

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