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Since I am back…

…everything changed nothing at all. Everyone is doing his/her business caring about yours. Your friends broke up their relationships and built new ones – with him, with her, with them. Your mom is just happy. Your dad doesn’t want to admit that he is too. Your brother tells you how much he missed you every time he gets a chance to. Your sister, well…is your sister.

Bye Bye Melbourne // Welcome Berlin // Home is where...

Love // Sister & Brother & Sister-in-law // Crazy mom

Firefighter at day // Belated holidays goodies // DJ at night

…and then you start to facejuggle the shit out of everyone…

Like dad like daughter // Cagney and Lacey

Bros // Mister Knight

…and it throws you back in time eventually…

Sad goodbye part one // Happy memories part one

Sad goodbye part two // Weirdos

…and while your mind is in the dazzling past, your body is trying to compensate this:

You always remember your first // Love breakfast // Don't go on the balcony!

Dads birthday // Piadina // Sparkling broccoli


Cheers! // Sweet! // Cheers!

…between smack snacks you meet new faces…


Lovely Aussie lady and Brit boy // Sydney revival in Berlin

…and old souls…

Study mates

Soon-to-be mommy aka Touch this! // Nordufer // Liebe

…because it feels weird to be just here…

Hello Alster // Loveliest couchsurfers // Product placement

And Jungs // Little Venice // Natural

…after some time you just have to try, try to arrive…

Back to the roots // World's greatest dad // New Butze

Bestestest // Getting to know Berlin again // Trying to forget FFO

Beer with the bro // Hello summer // New home sunset romance

It's still summer! // Berlin mate // We call it "getting to know your hood"

Video shoot

Being the best auntie // Celebrating your brother's wedding // Meeting the greatest people

Enjoying summer...too much

…and suddenly you get scared that you could actually arrive.

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