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It is not really the first thing you want to hear when you arrive in a new city at a new university: sorry, your Bachelor is no longer available or you can’t take that course because it does not exist (anymore). You chose that University for that reasons or (even worse) you are in the middle of your Bachelor and you can not finish it with the focus your future steps are built on. But that is exactly what is going on at La Trobe University with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science right now. Even though it does not effect me as a Study Abroad Student directly (luckily my courses are still there) it is a disgracefulness of the view on education.

Just to give you some facts and figures (we all love that, he): over 500 subjects being axed, 45 full staff members being axed, choice of Bachelor of Arts majors reduced by 55% from 29 to 13 and the funding will be slashed!
A lot of students simply do not accept that their education is put in jeopardy because of the mismanagement of the University. That is why there are so many things going on (besides the BBQs) on campus and it is a good thing. Not only because the students exercise their right to be heard as a single human being but furthermore they just do something against it TOGETHER – it will not be the next big revolution our parents had but it is just good to see that there are still young people in the world that really care about their education, about their future. I know it all sounds bathetic but I don’t care.

I just wish they achieve their aim to stop the cuts!

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