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New Zealand

Kiwis – lovely, delicious and rare. Sounds like a “Kinderüberraschung”, three good things in one word and on two islands. The German-Spanish-Combo “just” did the north one and is still struggling to find the right words for this amazing, stunning, gorgeous spot of the world. Not expecting things takes sometimes your breath away. New Zealand will do that to you. Without a doubt. And within seconds.

And you let it take you away. Over the hills (they really look like that hobbit shit), through the forests, pass the sheep and cows, over the lakes and to the mountains (moorrrdooorrr). And you stop breathing every now and then till your smile revives you. Your eyes try to copy every colour, every shape. You want to brand this in your brain. You need to. You can’t loose this. But luckily there are some devices that help you capture a piece of this freedom. That is how it felt like. Freedom.

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