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From Berlin to India

Johann and Thomas. Two nice guys with a crazy idea: doing a tour – on bikes – from Berlin to New Delhi. It started with a challenge and ended with a good cause. The money they collected will go to a project to build sanitations in an Indian village called Darewadi. But they didn’t do it alone: two other bikers joined. Maushami Chetty (the blogger and social heart) and Erik Fährmann (the Social Media and Marketing guy) as well as Sven Riesbeck and Kevin Kuhn (the geographers). With four bikes and after 10.000 kilometers they almost have 15.000 Euro in their pockets. Guts for Change.
Johann Angermann documented this trip and put in a movie. On the 1st of June you can watch the whole thing at Kino Arsenal Berlin.

Post from: 30.05.2013
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