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free ways

It is tempting. He started it. It is a freeway. It was a german car. We are used to that. They are not – apparently. The wide streets, just one way, straight on. Canola fields, the ocean, mountains, bushland – almost like the pictures in the travel guide, only better. I enjoyed it – apparently too much or at least that was what the police officer told me when he stopped me…with 160 km/h…on a 110 km/h freeway…without an international license…without being registered as a second driver…with my parents in the back…who enjoyed it a little bit too much to banter me about my speeding…and the fine…and the loss of my license…six months..fuck..the police dude smiled…while he was telling me that Australians are not used to that kind of speed..they get easily scared…(pussies)…that’s probably why they called me in…(bitches)…and yes, there was that one Toyota sportscar…behind me…(yes, we had a little race going on)…and yes, they were after him as well…and yes, they only got me…(damnit)…but because I’m German and I’m driving for over eight years…(and probably because he enjoyed going FINALLY 160 km/h on his GERMAN BMW motorbike)…he didn’t take the car from us. Lucky us, aye.

>> The night before the race (Mount Gambier)


>> Robe

– Still a happy driver (or one at all…) –

>> Read it backwards – Glenelg

>> Somewhere inbetween

– A little bit too late…

…because that already happened:

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