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Folk, Rhythm & Life

Their names are Bill and Hamish. Their parents have a huge property in Bilyana, three and a half hours north from Melbourne and they allow people from all over the world to feel a sense of community, to listen to some really beautiful tunes and to experience nature in its purest way. Right there, in their backyard. Sounds all pretty hippie. It is. It is green, purple, yellow and it makes you see other people in different colours. I know what you think – shit, I wanna get these drugs, but seriously this festival makes you relive rhythm. Not just the music, it changes your rhythm of life – even though if that means just for four days. Four days of a changed dynamic were enough for me, enough to realise that harmony between different people with different backgrounds is possible (now I lost you, didn’t I? You’re gonna stop reading..). Maybe it was a bubble. A bubble of happiness, of friendly faces, relaxed people who simply wanted to enjoy music. Maybe that is just the festival vibe. Connection through rhythm. But that’s definitely how life should be like.



Post from: 25.01.2013
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