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May I introduce to you: Coburg – my hood for the next nine eight months.

It is in the north of Melbourne and it is different to the fancy student/yuppie parts like Fitzroy or even Brunswick. It is rougher, more edgy (I know which lovely Spreelady would like that) and really diverse.
You come across the friendly Australian elderly man who watches the street and cuts his roses or the asian lady who runs the veggies and fruits store at the corner. A blend of a little bit of white trash (no offence), people with walking disabilities (seriously I’ve never seen so many people with walking issues at one spot), arabic gangster boys, young students with herschel backpacks and bakery owners. Indians, Turkish, Vietnamese, Australians, Thais, Chinese, Arabs, Germans (at least one) – Coburg has it all.

Framed in a typical suburban panorama with little houses, Reserves and playgrounds at almost every corner and one main road that leads to the city and represents the market place like in the old days, Coburg has its written story.
But nevertheless it has its own charm. Actually it reminds me a bit of the old Kreuzberg in Berlin – the time before arty and “I-m-doing-something-in-media”-people came along and decided that the old factory buildings are cool ’cause industrial is cool. They restored, reorganised and thus alienated the whole atmosphere that was unrivalled at that time. But that’s urban development I guess. I don’t wanna compare or judge (I know too late) I just want to send you on a visual walk through my current neighbourhood. Here you go:


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