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Feeding list #6

1. 100% free of plastic 2. The growroom: IKEA’s innovation lab open sources flat-pack garden 3. 15 Things to do while waiting at the airport – #2 for me was more a spilling on than a smiling at 🙂 4. Moving. “I’m weiterlesen

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Feeding list #5

1. The Beyonce Mural 2. Hey designers and developers, Invision has something for you: Craft Freehand 3. New Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell movie – WHAT! 4. Annie, David and a bit of Michael 5. The kids of tomorrow: 7-Year-Old Girl Applies weiterlesen

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All day – every day. I’m really lucky to have these rich friends with a lot of time on their hands. Because they all came to visit me (alright, probably not just because of me). A wave of love, tears and passion -from November on till about four weeks ago. What can I say. It was great, hilarious and it felt like home, only better. Because of them, because we didn’t loose our familiarity or our sense of humour. So, laugh with us:


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Folk, Rhythm & Life

Their names are Bill and Hamish. Their parents have a huge property in Bilyana, three and a half hours north from Melbourne and they allow people from all over the world to feel a sense of community, to listen to weiterlesen

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S – Mixtape

I promised it and now it is finally here: the S-Mixtape. Good for you I didn’t do it! Mister Dynmk (aka Jayayayay) sat down for hours and days and weeks to produce this tight ass shit. The people around me weiterlesen