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Interview – Squat Life

Hai Van kommt aus Sachsen. Lebt zur Zeit in Melbourne. Work and Travel. Das macht sie. So wie viele junge Menschen, nicht nur aus Sachsen, aber durchaus vermehrt aus Deutschland. Die Backpacker-Welle ist nichts Neues. Das Australien teuer ist auch weiterlesen

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I got a banner made of paper towels with a moronic smiling framed Gary Basey, standing there, like a thumbs-up altar above the sink. I had to laugh and I’m still smiling just thinking about it. Ah, my housemates… I weiterlesen

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May I introduce to you: Coburg – my hood for the next nine eight months. It is in the north of Melbourne and it is different to the fancy student/yuppie parts like Fitzroy or even Brunswick. It is rougher, more weiterlesen

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Vice Versa

Step by step. Patience. You have time on your hand. No rush. Just enjoy everything to the fullest. Take it, take your time to explore, to collect, to absorb, to feel. Reconnect. You were lost once. Pieces of you still weiterlesen

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Hello, my name is…

…Stef and I am from Berlin – that’s right not from Germany. Berlin. I don’t know why I keep on saying that – too proud to be a Berliner and too ashamed too be German!? No, seriously I don’t know weiterlesen

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The adventure begins…

and stops in Bangkok. But let’s rewind it and start from the beginning: Logbook – 4th July – Berlin (yeah, it’s worth a logbook) It’s wednesday, 6 am, my alarm clock gets some nice nicknames in italian. Me and my weiterlesen