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Hey, you’re probably here to see if I can actually turn depressing thoughts around, right? Apparently, the last attempt didn’t quite work because the loveliest of human beings asked me if everything is alright with me after reading it. I’m weiterlesen

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The new same

We came back a couple of weeks ago. Back to the familiar. Back to the known. Back to the seen. Everything before that point feels so long ago, far away and almost surreal. Like it never happened. I’m walking on weiterlesen

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Two weeks later

I really wanted to work at a creative agency here. I wanted to find out if my English skills are enough for this – and more importantly if my mind is made for this. How lame, I’m quoting myself. But weiterlesen

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We needed to get away from each other, from here. I forgot how to play… instead there was just fear. The rays of sunshine, they didn’t feel warm. I thought you were mine but you were harm. Your blue felt weiterlesen

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Feeding list #3

1. Send emails later or set reminders for emails with the Boomerang extension (Gmail only) 2. “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” 3. Just a powerful feminist ad from adidas: 4. TIME UNTIL TRUMP LEAVES OFFICE 5. How Rudeness Stops People from weiterlesen

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Feel the hum

I’m not a work titan, I don’t work 15h a day, my mind is not globally working but I tend to fully engage with every single task at work. I jump into a blind loyalty even though work and I weiterlesen