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I can’t believe we have to talk about this…again but we need to because it’s different this time. You are different, I am different, things are different. It wasn’t as imprudent and hot as last time. This time I was weiterlesen

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Working title

Working titles – the Jane and John Does for projects. You don’t know what to call them yet so you are giving them a temporary fictitious persona. And it will keep this name, working with it till you know where weiterlesen

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Me, myself and I

I know what you’re thinking: last time “Queen B” now this. It’s pure coincidence or for the ones who don’t believe in that: it’s pure destiny, child. HA.* Even though this one is not about celebrating the break up from weiterlesen

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Feeding list #6

1. 100% free of plastic 2. The growroom: IKEA’s innovation lab open sources flat-pack garden 3. 15 Things to do while waiting at the airport – #2 for me was more a spilling on than a smiling at 🙂 4. Moving. “I’m weiterlesen

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Queen B

Past snippets of grown up conversations start to echo louder and louder in my head since I’ve turned 30. “You can’t do that at this age. / One should have learnt that by now. / But is that really you? / weiterlesen

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Feeding list #5

1. The Beyonce Mural 2. Hey designers and developers, Invision has something for you: Craft Freehand 3. New Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell movie – WHAT! 4. Annie, David and a bit of Michael 5. The kids of tomorrow: 7-Year-Old Girl Applies weiterlesen

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Two weeks later

I really wanted to work at a creative agency here. I wanted to find out if my English skills are enough for this – and more importantly if my mind is made for this. How lame, I’m quoting myself. But weiterlesen

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