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Hey, you’re probably here to see if I can actually turn depressing thoughts around, right? Apparently, the last attempt didn’t quite work because the loveliest of human beings asked me if everything is alright with me after reading it. I’m weiterlesen

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The new same

We came back a couple of weeks ago. Back to the familiar. Back to the known. Back to the seen. Everything before that point feels so long ago, far away and almost surreal. Like it never happened. I’m walking on weiterlesen

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I can’t believe we have to talk about this…again but we need to because it’s different this time. You are different, I am different, things are different. It wasn’t as imprudent and hot as last time. This time I was weiterlesen

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Working title

Working titles – the Jane and John Does for projects. You don’t know what to call them yet so you are giving them a temporary fictitious persona. And it will keep this name, working with it till you know where weiterlesen

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Me, myself and I

I know what you’re thinking: last time “Queen B” now this. It’s pure coincidence or for the ones who don’t believe in that: it’s pure destiny, child. HA.* Even though this one is not about celebrating the break up from weiterlesen