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The Day Before

This is a post about fashion. Lost you there already, he? I’m not that into fashion either. I wear what I like. Friends say I have a typical style – sentences like “That’s so you!” meant in a good way. It can be a good thing, you know the whole I’m at a certain age where I know what I want, who I am, who I want to be and maybe a little bit of I am assure of myself and how I act on people. weiterlesen

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They call it footy

They really do and I had to see it. Alright, it was for free. Oh right, I think I forgot to mention it before: I got was lucky and received the Ambassador Scholarship from La Trobe University. Because it is weiterlesen

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I got a banner made of paper towels with a moronic smiling framed Gary Basey, standing there, like a thumbs-up altar above the sink. I had to laugh and I’m still smiling just thinking about it. Ah, my housemates… I weiterlesen

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May I introduce to you: Coburg – my hood for the next nine eight months. It is in the north of Melbourne and it is different to the fancy student/yuppie parts like Fitzroy or even Brunswick. It is rougher, more weiterlesen

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S – Mixtape

I promised it and now it is finally here: the S-Mixtape. Good for you I didn’t do it! Mister Dynmk (aka Jayayayay) sat down for hours and days and weeks to produce this tight ass shit. The people around me weiterlesen

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It is not really the first thing you want to hear when you arrive in a new city at a new university: sorry, your Bachelor is no longer available or you can’t take that course because it does not exist weiterlesen