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New Zealand

Kiwis – lovely, delicious and rare. Sounds like a “Kinderüberraschung”, three good things in one word and on two islands. The German-Spanish-Combo “just” did the north one and is still struggling to find the right words for this amazing, stunning, weiterlesen

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Folk, Rhythm & Life

Their names are Bill and Hamish. Their parents have a huge property in Bilyana, three and a half hours north from Melbourne and they allow people from all over the world to feel a sense of community, to listen to weiterlesen

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Just one word: boring. Seriously. It is a small city (actually the fifth-largest in Australia), has probably its nice corners but you won’t find them. You will find a lot of governmental and financial buildings, one big shopping street (Rundle weiterlesen

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free ways

It is tempting. He started it. It is a freeway. It was a german car. We are used to that. They are not – apparently. The wide streets, just one way, straight on. Canola fields, the ocean, mountains, bushland – weiterlesen

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Push forward. Play backward. Nothing matters. Nothing gets you anywhere. You are stuck. Walls are surrounding you. They are looking fresh, not frightening. Green giants which show, not tell. Sometimes they even whisper or is it just you imagining that? weiterlesen

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Great Ocean Road

Yeah, I know. It such a touristic thing to do. Drive along the Great Ocean Road, see Koalas and Roos (Kanga~), sigh from beach to beach and take a whole shit load of pictures. Yes, we did all of that. weiterlesen

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Klischees sind uns zu blöd, die über die Döner-Türken und die über die farblosen Deutschen auch. Uns, das sind Selma und Inci. Sie lesen gerne, manchmal auf türkisch und manchmal auf deutsch. Und weil es keinen besseren Ort als Berlin weiterlesen