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When you turn 30…

“Something big is going to change” – my older wiser friends told me that. You turn 30 and your life will turn into a different direction. One part will be different, you will make a decision that will at first just affect that one part of your life but soon spread out like the egg yolk in a perfectly made Eggs Benedict. That moment when you make the decision to take the knife and cut into that porched egg, slowly but surely and then it happens: the burst of satisfaction, the sweet aftermath of yellow refinement blazing a trail down and through the other parts of your breakfast toast. The river of joy.

Okay, they didn’t use these exact words. It’s my translation and I really like Eggs Benedict but common the metaphor is not bad. So the egg can stand for either your career, your relationship or yourself. The big CRY. (honestly no connection intended to Justin Timberlake – cry…river – even though I still know the lyrics, wait…yep, still know them by heart).

I turned 30 a while ago. In August 2016 to be exact. I forgot about the wisdom words of my friends then, probably because I had a really bad flue on my birthday and lay in bed most of the day. But now, sitting here in Melbourne, 15,972.10 km away from “home” it occurred to me my friends have freaky super powers.

I still have one of the most amazing human beings by my side, so R didn’t change and I’m beyond happy about that. But the C and Y changed. I loved my job back in Berlin. I’m probably repeating myself but I had the chance to work with some amazing brains and hearts and I’m so grateful for that opportunity and even more so for all the challenges that came with that. But I wanted something new, something different, something somewhere else. Melbourne has been on my mind since…well I left it in April 2013. You can read more about that here. I really wanted to work at a creative agency here. I wanted to find out if my English skills are enough for this – and more importantly if my mind is made for this.

The testing began October last year, exactly two weeks after we arrived. Again I was lucky enough to work with a lovely bunch of people at a visionary, spirited place called La La Land Broadsheet. They actually trusted me to work as a Freelance Campaign Manager to support their commercial team during that extremely busy “end of the year time”. Sure, digital publishing, why not. Now looking back at it: it was the perfect start. Even though I was missing the creative agency work back then, I can now say I wouldn’t erase these two months from my experience board – for nothing.

Maybe or most probably these two months helped me to get recognised in the wild wild creative west. Plus it’s usually a good time of the year to load your gun with confidence and get out there, spit around and…sorry, I have no idea where I’m going with this. I wrote ten applications, one was referred to an actual job ad, the other nine were just me trying plus I had one left from last year. And it’s crazy: I got six invitations for interviews, one “no” (that was the job ad, they already had someone for the position) and four are still without any feedback. Man, I don’t know about you, but I went nuts over this. What I tried to say with that weird wild wild west metaphor above is that I think 1. Broadsheet is a great reference because of its well-known and respected good image and 2. I think it’s just a perfect time of the year because like some humans heaps of companies see the new year as a chance to push the reset button. Lucky me.

This brings me to Y. Even though I think besides my haircut I haven’t really changed I also think that’s bullshit.

#newcity #newhair

Ein von spreewittchen (@spreewittchen) gepostetes Foto am

Making this step, moving here – to the other end of the world did something to me. I can’t quite grasp it yet but I’m sure I will. I’ll keep you – my therapists – updated.

And the morale of this tale?
Listen to your friends, they never fail ♥.

And yep, that’s me as a fat kid.


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