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Two weeks later

I really wanted to work at a creative agency here. I wanted to find out if my English skills are enough for this – and more importantly if my mind is made for this.

How lame, I’m quoting myself. But I have a memory like a goldfish. I can’t remember what I said ten minutes ago – not to mention what I wrote a while ago. That is the worst transition to the topic I wanted to talk about: I got a job. Yeah. And I remember it! Every morning (so far). Double yeah. I surprise myself sometimes. It started two weeks ago and the story goes like this:

“Once upon a time, a young woman did something out of curiosity. She was keen to do it but had not the vaguest notion of what to expect. But she didn’t need to think about that because then and there the thing becoming real was like the words out of press secretary Spicer’s mouth: thin air. As time and conversations fly it struck her. This shit is becoming real. It’s happening. What can I expect? Should I really do it? What if it doesn’t work out?”

Right, that’s not me. But it may as well be. It’s about the colourful human being I got to meet – even though it was way too briefly. We clicked and she had to go. I have no idea if the above is what she felt like. Okay, I just realised that whole thing here sounds like a flowery girl crush story. If that would be the case I’d probably be writing about Maggie Rogers ❤. What I wanted to say: thank you Miss M. I wish you the best of luck at adidas in my home country and thank you for giving me your spot.

Because you were curious and not afraid to just do it (damnit, I didn’t mean to quote the competition) I get the chance to just try my thing in an awesome studio with amazing brains and lovely characters. I know I just started two weeks ago but I have a the feeling I might actually fall in love with everything here. Because:

I feel overwhelmed, grateful, exhilarated, nervous, motivated, anxious, energised, delighted, busy, tired, eager, restless, good and most important happy again.

And it’s over 45 days later. Tripple Yeah.

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