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The Day Before

This is a post about fashion. Lost you there already, he? I’m not that into fashion either. I wear what I like. Friends say I have a typical style – sentences like “That’s so you!” meant in a good way. It can be a good thing, you know the whole I’m at a certain age where I know what I want, who I am, who I want to be and maybe a little bit of I am assure of myself and how I act on people.
Fashion plays an important role in people’s life – sometimes more sometimes less. I am not talking about superficial trend following. It’s deeper than that. Unconsciously or consciously it is one of the most simplest way of being egoistic. It is about you. It’s your decision. Even if you drawn in by very well placed marketing strategies or you just think you look like David if you were these underpants – it doesn’t matter ’cause in the end it comes down to this: it is your decision. You have reasons. Even if they seem to be superficial I believe the decision is not.
Don’t worry I don’t wanna be a fashion blogger from now on. A very moving movie just brought me to think about fashion in a broader or even more abstract way: “The Day Before: Isabel Marant + Lanvin”. It so happened that I won tickets for the pre-screening before the actual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week started (3.-9. September). To be honest I felt totally underdressed when I arrived at the acmi – Australian Centre for the Moving Image. I suppose you can say there were fashion clichées on high heels, wearing libbard coats and red lipstick, men with arty looking scarves and young fashion design students with the 50’s pixie hair cut. I’m not judging, just observing. But that’s bullshit. I’m pigeonholing them but I don’t want to be pigeonholed. And why do I feel underdressed, so not belonging to something that you apparently want to belong to, and at the same time judging them for their way of presenting themselves? It is ridiculous, isn’t it? The movie made me realise that fashion is more than just putting something on.
Fashion is about me, myself and I. It is my second skin. It is my way of thinking. It is superficial and it is deep but always on my terms. It is about emotions. It is about emptiness. It is about fulfillment.

It is about life.

If you have the time just go this week and watch the movie made by Loïc Prigent (the 15 $ are worth it) – Albert Elbaz, Lanvin and Isabel Marant’s atelier, 48 hours before the big show. Enough said.

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