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S – Mixtape

I promised it and now it is finally here: the S-Mixtape. Good for you I didn’t do it! Mister Dynmk (aka Jayayayay) sat down for hours and days and weeks to produce this tight ass shit. The people around me are so arty.
And he did that for me! Just because of that I loved it instantly. And even more after I listened to it. It is personal and open at the same time. People who know me well also know that I was lost the last couple of months and that some pieces of me still are. That is why the first song by Frank fucking Ocean turns out to be my damn hymn for this summer…
He knew that. He knows everything. He also listens to a lot of good stuff and sometimes a bunch of crap ♥. But that’s taste I guess. Diversity. Individuality. Access. Bla Bla. But the thing is that self-made mixtapes go deeper than that.
In general music reveals you in a totally different way. It connects you on a new level. It allows you to built bridges. It creates a bond like a boomerang – if you throw it the right way it will come back to you (australian influence – I’m sorry for that). Through music you can laugh, cry, dance, sing, scream, trip, float, fall and just be together. But you already know all that stuff. So grab one of your 3.547 beloved ones from facebook and listen to this:

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