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We needed to get away
from each other, from here.
I forgot how to play…
instead there was just fear.

The rays of sunshine,
they didn’t feel warm.
I thought you were mine
but you were harm.

Your blue felt grey
your stars weren’t shining for me
I needed to get away
so we could just be.

Maybe it was unfair
to put that weight on you
maybe you didn’t care
I have no clue.

I had to go away
so we can get closer
now I want to stay
to create something further.

You don’t ask for much
And I thank you for that.
I think I just lost touch
to my inner self, I was sad.
You were never grey, always blue
I just couldn’t see clear
or be to myself, honest and true
I had to shed a tear
to see the bigger picture
in all its depth and colour
I’m trying to get the right mixture
of my inner winter and summer.

Thank you for waiting.

Post from: 29.01.2017
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