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Nice thoughts in December | #9

I was never much of a winter person. My birthday is in August, so summer on this side of the world and I have some pretty good looking and good smelling memories of my past celebrations. I like to be outside, lay on the grass, barbecue with friends by the river, read a book on a bench (okay, I haven’t done that in awhile), eat ice cream and see the scoop make it’s way down your shirt to the floor (I can’t do anything about it, I’m still five when it comes to eating ice cream and spaghetti with tomato sauce) – you get the idea.

It snowed today and I have to admit the little fresh white fluff that happens around this time of year – I kind of grew fond on it. I also have to admit that Lorelei had probably something to do with it. Like she said: everything changes, the spaces around you start wearing a beautiful coat and it’s kind of magical, isn’t it?

Post from: 09.12.2017
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