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Nice thoughts in December | #7

Oh woman, what a week it has been and it’s not even over yet. The newest member of our girl gang turned one month this week. This is crazy. As much as I struggled to be back in Berlin, I’m so freaking happy to not have missed this. She gives me so much joy and SHE IS NOT EVEN MINE! I’m so so thankful for her and her health and her Mom’s – obviously. Even though it’s freaky how much she has grown in four weeks, I can’t wait to see her grow up to be that amazing woman she’ll be become. And I can’t wait to help her with anything – listening to her complaining how much the teachers suck, and then [insert gender here] suck, then how much the parents suck, how much the world sucks and maybe even how much her kids suck but even just sitting with her in silence, showing her how to roll her first joint. Ah, being an auntie. I’m already absolutely blessed with being an auntie for two gorgeous boys – one is actually on his way to manhood with 160k/h (seriously, I’m blinking and suddenly there is something like a beard in his face) – and I’m loving it. That was one of the hardest parts of moving across the world, to not have the chance to spend more time with them. See them grow up to become decent human beings. Because we need them, you know. More truly decent human beings. So that was that.

Then, I already told you I passed my test on Monday – great success for me personally (and professionally). Then the mister got the YES for his new studio space where he can move in in January. So happy for him! AND TODAY we signed the contract for our new flat! WHAT! Yes, you heard it right. We finally have a new apartment. After five months of searching for something suitable (and still in Neukölln) we finally found the perfect new home. I can’t tell you how happy I am and again how thankful! Because this is something I’m not taking for granted at all. I’m so blessed to be born in this time, in this family, to have met the people I’ve met in my life who are still sticking around and giving me so much inspiration, teaching me mindfulness and showing me happiness every single day.

How is that for a nice thought? Haha. Yep, it’s been an emotional and happy week. But change feels so great, don’t you agree? See and experience something grow, evolve into something you didn’t expect but were a part of, helped nurture, form and guide and that makes you happy, proud and a little bit in awe or let’s you feel everything together. Life can be beautiful, woman. I’m really looking forward to finally arriving again and taking these little fuckers with us to the new place (they were sidekicks of a big plant, and they turned out into little big plants themselves).

Ps.: Yes, I named them (they’re more than three). Rocky, Nigel, Sammy, Liz and Elly.

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