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Nice thoughts in December | #5

Our routine is kind of fucked up at the moment. We go to bed late and wake up late which leads to a daylight experience of maximum four hours. This is not ideal. But once you’re in that hole of darkness lateness it’s really hard to climb back up again. Obviously our little friend cof to the fee helps us stay vertical but you know, besides the fact it’s probably not the healthiest ways of staying awake it also doesn’t give us an extra hour of daylight (OH MY GOD IMAGINE!).

So, we’re trying to make more of it. That’s actually bullshit because you can’t make the day longer BUT you can choose which tenderloin of the day you want to use / experience / not waste like a fourteen-year-old who just discovered weed. So, what can I say? We managed to get up about 30 Minutes earlier today which seems like a lot but isn’t really when it means 8.30 am 🙈 But hey, we’ll get there… and then it’s probably March and spring is around the corner which is still great because we will have even MORE DAYLIGHT!!! Ah, spring.

Speaking of good memories, in remembrance of yesterday’s #nicethoughtindecember we’ll celebrate this small success today. Oh and a big one because the mister found a studio space. Woop Woop.

A little side question for you: do you struggle with bad breath routine? How do you fix it? What helps you (especially in winter)? Or do you ask yourself what the heck I’m talking about? I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING!

A little side question for me: Maybe I should drink less coffee? Naahhh.

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  2. Naahhhhhh *no means no* hahaha C to the O to the F-E-E. And by the way BAD ROUTINES are the best Routines – altough you cannot see it in the moments of having a guilty conscience ! Thats whats makes us unique (of course including the good ones too^^) …….. #nicethoughtsindecember wuhupwhup