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Nice thoughts in December | #4

Oh Monday, I used to hate you a lot more back in the days. There you go. Your nice thought of today. Höhö. No, but it’s true. You always came too early. You symbolised a start of something tiring, something repetitive that withholds me from doing the things I actually wanted to do. Sounds familiar? Besides your first lover I mean.

Then maybe this will also sound familiar or at least give you a bit of hope: it can change. Of course, there will always be Mondays you’ll hate but you know what? Every day has the potential to suck. Isn’t that nice. But to save Tuesday from becoming the new Monday now, here are some motivating and fully tested tips to love all the (Mon)days:

1. Don’t let Monday come too early or any other day for that matter
What I mean by this is: don’t stress about Monday on Sunday (or Tuesday on Monday or Wednesday on Tuesday – you get the hang of it) because it’s never worth it. Of course you can think about other days but be kind about it: dedicate a time-box to it, make a list, put stuff in your calendar, write down what you need to write down within this time-box and then forget about it and get back to the present.

2. Start the week everyday
Jeez, what does she mean by that? I used to see Mondays as the start of my week because they’re the first days after a two day break of work. They still are but I guess my perspective changed. If something is not going right on Monday, there are still… you know six other days to make the week a good week. It was quite weird for me to actively include Saturday and Sunday in my week valuation. Is that just me? I used to mark my week based on the work days, so Monday to Friday – like the weekend wasn’t allowed to even take it into consideration for valuation. That changed. Every day can become Monday, can become a fresh start to kick things off, can become a part of a new beginning (whoah!).

3. Do what is you
That is a topic for itself but in terms of Mondays: if Monday symbolises the beginning of something tiring and repetitive you hate, you will most definitely hate Mondays. The poor Monday can’t do anything about being Monday but you can maybe do something about the tiring, repetitive stuff. I’m not talking about a temporary project or a stressful phase at work. I’m talking about punishing yourself every freaking day (it just feels harder on Mondays) even though there could be a little thing that you could change to make your life a tad better. Maybe it starts with your routine in the morning or the lack of it. Maybe it’s the work itself or the actual place of work (where you sit, how your desk looks like) that gives you a headache when you just think about of it. You don’t have to quit your job if you actually like the things you do and something is clouding these nice things. You just have to figure out how to get rid of the clouds. I’m still working on this. It’s not easy but it changes a lot – not only Mondays. So walk through your day and do what feels like you, what is you. Tell people what you want, listen to people what they want. Just be kind to others and yourself. Nothing is worth punishing yourself.

4. Celebrate all the successes every day
Don’t just celebrate the big fluffy golden moments in your life, pop the champagne for the smaller ones as well (and don’t just do it on the weekend). Obviously this is really personal and everyone has a different definition for success or being successful but it’s one of the most beautiful things to join in on the happy moments of others and raise the glasses together. So with ‘all the successes’ I literally mean ALL of yours and ALL of the ones your loved and liked ones are celebrating. And if they forget about them be their reminder and cheerleader. I’m trying to celebrate something every day, e.g. today I passed the test for a training I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. Woop. Woop.

Maybe this will help you change your perspective on Mondays …or maybe not. Do what is you, mate. I’m off popping that bottle of champagne red wine now. Have a great Monday evening ❤️

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