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Nice thoughts in December | #3

Hello, it’s me. Again. It’s December 3rd, the first Advent. I’m laying on our couch, full of delicious Sunday foodamazeness aka Udon noodles with red curry. When it comes to these noodles new words like foodamazeness are definitely needed. I could literally bath in them. Okay maybe not bath because it’s red curry with chilli. You know what I mean, they taste SUPER good (check out Pho Phan on Hermannstraße if you’re happen to be in Berlin)! But I’m getting off track here.

What I actually wanted to talk about is a nice thought I had today. As you know it has been the third day of writing something in a row (plus a little extra post) and I have to say I didn’t expected it to feel so good. Apparently I missed writing much more than I thought. Even though it’s just small snippets of weird nice thoughts and written live cam footage from me, an ordinary thirty-something woman living in Berlin and also even though self-doubt is constantly ready to jump up to me, it feels good so far. I KNOW. It’s just day number three and especially with me this good feeling can change within the next thirty minutes but as long as I feel like this I thought I share it. Plus I’m listening to this fantastic (if I may say so myself) Christmas playlist. So, don’t be a sourpuss, get a mulled wine in one hand and your loved one in the other and swing through your living room together screaming ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’. Now.

Happy Sunday and please send me your suggestions and I’ll add them! TOGETHER WE WILL CREATE THE BEST CHRISTMAS PLAYLIST ON THIS PLANET ❤️


Post from: 03.12.2017
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