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Nice thoughts in December | #2

Hey, it’s Saturday. Tomorrow is the first advent. Wohoo. Christmas is coming (and winter is already here) and I can’t wait! But what really kicks this season off is our little family tradition: on every first advent we come together at our parent’s house and eat shitloads of amazing, traditional German, christmassy food. This year we decided to do it a day early which is technically cheating but we kind of ate our way into the Sunday so there you go. And what can I tell you? It was such a lovely lunch-afternoon tea-dinner-midnight snack-day full of delicious food and infectious laughter. Oh, and I was so much in need of this. Even though I’m coming down with a cold I feel recharged. How weird and NICE is that? Maybe it was the fact that we ate Klöße together or that we put sticky notes on our foreheads for a round of “Who am I?” – obviously I was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or maybe it was the fact that the mister and I missed it last year. Yeah, you’re right – it was probably all of it.

I totally forgot to take photos or instagram it, so if that’s not proof for the niceness of this little family event I don’t know what is. So, here you have some pictures of the Advent wreath I made for my Mom on Friday – kitschy stuff sponsored by Mom. If you want to do a last minute one for tomorrow, all you need is something as a wreath (we just took the one she had from summer and got rid of the old flowers but a wired hanger works too – just form it to a circle), some greenery / fir sprigs (steal them from your neighbour’s garden) and some (plant) wire (it works with all kinds of threads as well) and four candles. Take some sprigs, style them on and around your choice of wreath and fix them with what ever you have on hand and works. If you’re going with the wired hanger version you can either go for an actual hanging one because you already have a handy hook (then it’s more of a Christmas wreath) or if you want to put candles on it, just bend the hook and try to wrap it around your already formed circle. Whatever you use, go on till you covered the circle to your liking in greenery and tada! You made your first Advent wreath. Place the candles inside or if you fancy on top (we used some golden candle holder thingies especially for Advent wreathing) and you’re all set for tomorrow and the next three Sundays. Enjoy them!

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