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Nice thoughts in December | #14

I don’t know about you but I’m slowly starting to think about the new year. Oh woman, and what 2018 has in store for us! For starters a new apartment which is beyond exciting for me. Finally our own again, finally arriving here. A studio the mister can call his own – amazing! And most probably a new work adventure for me. Whatever that will be. But these are not the things I think about when I search my brain for more habit-related optimisations of myself. Urhh, I hate the word self-optimisation and yet I just used it, didn’t I ? But what I mean by that is a journey of finding out what helps you feel better (on all different kind of levels) in general but maybe even on a daily / weekly basis.

It’s a bit like you’re having a chat with yourself. It needs to be an honest one otherwise where is the point, right? So you sit down (feel free to take it literally) and you ask yourself when was the last time I was happy? Where was I? With whom? And what did I do? If you’re in need of a specific recharge than swop it out with happy (e.g. relaxed). Repeat as often as you like, welcome all different kind of answers and maybe even new questions in and own them, write them down on post-its and smash them on the wall, write them in your notebook or keep them floating around in your mind, whatever rocks your boat.

Or maybe you already know exactly what makes you feel good. That is great. And now promise yourself you will do more of this in the future. I know it stinks like resolutions which I don’t like either because for me they’re usually pressurised images and their changes produced by the outside world of what you should look / feel / be like. I totally get the magic when the clock turns midnight on this last day of the year, the feeling we have a fresh start again. This year was shit / great, let’s doit better this time. I feel it, too.

Okay, I’m babbling again. What I wanted to say is this: may it be your own new years eve starting tomorrow or the actual one in a couple of days, always be kind to yourself when making plans for the future. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do something that actually doesn’t make you feel good or happy. Be fair when judging yourself (and others for that matter). Just do more of the things that make you feel alive. That’s a big one, isn’t it? I guess it all comes down to self-love really. And if you’re like me – it sounds like a simple concept but once you consciously think about it you realise it’s nothing but.

Then again it doesn’t need to be a huge thing, start small with something like taking a bath if you’re into that. I love it. Time for myself. Lighting a candle, grabbing an ice cold drink or a nice red wine, sitting there in silence, reading a book or watching an episode of [insert your favourite show here]. Ah, did I tell you that I LOVE IT! Repeat and see what happens. Maybe a little magic and a fresh start throughout the year ❤️ Cheers!

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