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Nice thoughts in December | #1

Hey you look nice today. And smart. Really smart. I just wanted to tell you that – because it’s true AND because I think we can use a bit more niceness in this world. So I’m going to share a nice thought every day for the whole of December. Think of it as a written Vlogmas – but a really nice one. And maybe it will change a little thing in your life or in you so you can change a tiny piece in someone else’s life. Or maybe you’ll just waste your time with reading boring stuff about my super ordinary life. We’ll see where we’re going with this.

But if you’re down with therapy town (don’t look at me, I don’t know what happens to me so something like this comes out but we’re going to be nice about it. This time.) let me know (here in the comments or on Instagram) what kind of nice thoughts happened in your head that day or what niceness crossed your path that day. It can be anything that made you or others feel good, sad or soppy in a good way, happy, giggle, forget sorrows just for a split second and anything in between. To give you an example, yesterday after dinner on our way upstairs my little nephew (he is seven) told me: “You should go first…” And I didn’t really know why but he sounded so insistent and his face had all this seriousness going on, I just did it. As soon as I had my first foot on the stairs, looking forward to bedtime stories, the sound of something I’ve never heard before wandered to my ears. Literally, a concert of farts. They came in threes and went on for exactly three acts. As a natural reaction I said: “Thank you.”

There you go. There is still hope for the younger generation. They’re considerate of the people around them and they care for them if we do the same (because I swear I would have done exactly the same thing in his situation). That’s nice, isn’t it?

Post from: 01.12.2017
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