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Me, myself and I

I know what you’re thinking: last time “Queen B” now this. It’s pure coincidence or for the ones who don’t believe in that: it’s pure destiny, child. HA.*

Even though this one is not about celebrating the break up from a bad relationship it’s still about breaking up – just with yourself. Wait… maybe you and you had a bad relationship but let’s rewind that for a moment. What could I use to describe my weird thoughts better?

Ah, I got it! Let’s imagine you’re an animal 99% of the world population a d o r e s. You are a snake. You meander through life – and meander is the right word here because you basically have no fucking clue what you’re doing most of the day. Encounters with stones and sticks (sometimes hidden in some other animal’s arse) are a part of your daily meandering and struggle. Some days you get defeated by a stone that turns into a big ass mountain right before your eyes. And some lucky times of those some days, courage wiggles all the way from your tail to your head and after a moment of surprise you think why the heck not! I can take you mountain! Bring it on! And you try to get up there. And then down again because we all know the air is too thin to breathe up there (note to myself: let’s talk mountain tops some other time). But you can actually do it.

But some other days fear wins. So you shit your little tail and every slow-worm that comes your way feels like the end boss of your game called life. In these moments it’s unimaginably valuable to have someone to hold tails with (yep, still rolling with the whole snake metaphor). Even if that someone is you.

It’s important to remember those moments. These are the moments that make you shed your skin. Fear, anger, deep sadness – these are the mountains that will shape your skin. They tell you who you have been and they make you question yourself what kind of person you want to be. They help you start to imagine how that new skin would feel like and sometimes they trigger the itching of your current skin. They make you break up with yourself. Or a version of yourself.

Stop meandering and realise this metamorphosis. Make it visible for you. Embrace fear and co and feel the shedding of your skin. Breaking up with yourself can be a good thing because it helps you consciously become the version of yourself you need for the next level.




*Kudos to my dad who gave me the genes of bad jokes.

Post from: 29.03.2017
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