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Keep on dreaming, mate!


I know, what a cheesy title but you know, you read till here. So thank you. Do you remember the last thing I said: “Let’s do the drive together, find something that is worth stopping for and reward each other with memories.”  Also: the promise it won’t get less cheesier than that is checked with this title. So let’s start this journey together:

Four years ago I flew to Australia to study there. It was crazy and exhilarating, new and electrifying and I didn’t know what to expect. It was an adventure and every second was even more that I dreamed of (I know the cheese is dripping now…). About one year later I came back (to Berlin that is) and I was sad and depressed. I didn’t quite grasped what had happened, why I had to come back. It just didn’t feel right.

“I don’t want to be here. I want to be there.”

I’m just gonna finish my degree and then I’m outta here people. Yes, you heard me and my big Berlin mouth. That was the plan. As a project manager and simply a human being I knew this plan was shit. Don’t worry, it’s not your shoe, it’s just me and my plan. The parameter weren’t right. First of all the budgeting was…let’s say…not even close to the right ballpark. Your granny probably has more pennies in her wallet right now than I had in my bank account back then. Because Oz just sucked me dry real hard the first time. But man, I just felt head over heels with this country and especially with Melbourne. I literally had amazing wet dreams about it. Starting from the first day I was back in Berlin.

Alright, so I had no money, was sad and miserable. Oh and I had no place to live. So I crashed at my brothers place and then moved back to moms. I wasn’t pleasant to be around. I was unfair to my friends and my family who had to deal with my constant mourning. They were really good to me and even I was annoyed by me. So it was a weird darkish phase for me. Let’s just put it under my “late emo period” (minus the black hair and the tribal tattoo). So the situation wasn’t ideal. But common, that’s not what Mama taught ya!

So I got myself together. I started to apply for a job, had several interviews and got one. I searched for flats, went to shared flat interviews and got lucky with a 2-bedroom classical flat with wooden floors and two balconies in beautiful Berlin-Wedding. Just one street away from a dearest friend of mine.

The sky looked suddenly a little bit brighter.

I’m going to press fast forward here: I finally finished my Bachelor degree, my bank account looked nicer but I still wasn’t quite there yet. I started to work for and with my brother at his lovely creative agency. I moved to Neukölln, in with my boy toy who was and is a constant motivator for everything I do (aw!). And I started to feel Berlin again. That was about two years ago, so about 1.5 years after I came back from Oz. But the Aussie wanderlust was still strong. Maybe because of the testing that year: in 2014 the boy and I went to Western Australia for vacation. We also stayed in Melbourne for a week. Just to see if that is really it or if it is just nostalgia fucking with my mind. And it was kind of both to be honest. Walking those streets I had so many memories of was weird and exciting. It felt new and familiar at the same time. Everything was topsy-turvy.

I stayed another two years in Berlin. Working, laughing, crying, drinking, trying out. Dreaming.

And now I’m sitting here at a desk in an Airbnb apartment in Fitzroy North in Melbourne, Australia and writing this post. Crazy. What can I tell you?

Read the title again and have a good day.


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