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Happy New Nice Thoughts 2018

Long time no thought. That is actually not true at all. I had so many nice thoughts over the last two weeks – they’re uncountable. But I will try to keep them coming your way for January and February and March and…you get the idea. What a month year, folks. I honestly don’t really give a damn about New Years Eve but in general an end to something always gets me thinking a tiny bit more – about the thing that is ending, how it was, what could have been different and what could I have done to achieve the hundred percent (whatever that means). In the past I’ve done that with a lot of pressure from the outside world and an almost parent like me. This year is somehow different. It was a crazy one without a doubt (disclaimer: the following thoughts are not in chronological order).

We started 2017 with an item from my bucket list: NYE in Sydney. Check. We felt really happy to go back to Melbourne because it started to feel like a home. I was incredibly lucky to find the most wonderful crew in town because it was more than a pleasure to work with these kind and funny geniuses. I found the perfect fitness studio with the perfect mix of courses, I started to eat better and feel better. I got bit by a fucking horse fly and my foot swelled up to the size of Japan. He popped the question: should we buy a surfboard? Oh and he asked me to marry him. I said: “Okay.” Ten seconds after buying the surfboard I fell and hurt my knee so bad that I never got to actually use the board. We had a lovely six weeks stay from his little sister which gave as a lot of Berlin energy and a little bit of homesickness. We celebrated his 30th anniversary with a 30 day countdown of presents. We met old pals for some great pub talks about everything and new ones for intimate cooking sessions. We found our favourite Thai place where the Pad Thai is to die for. I had to say goodbye to my second home Melbourne for the second time and I had to warm up with my Heimat again. And so many wonderful and less wonderful moments followed.

I can’t wait for more in the next year and the year after that and…being more appreciative and aware of the moments we have together and taking more initiative in creating them in the first place. I truly wish you all the best for the new start – even if you don’t see it as one. But may it be a moment filled with love for yourself and others creating energy for all the things to come. Let’s do this 2018 ❤️

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