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Feeding list #2

1. 32 Productivity tips from the world’s top designers – some of them can help normal people as well 😉

2. After work follows pleasure, female pleasure to be exact: the instagram for your daily clitorosity.

3. Can a photoshoot help reducing the use of plastic bottles?

4. On that note: almost as good as my self-made compost system: ZERA Food Recycler

5. Is the entire Pixar universe somehow linked?

6. The lovely Lily Pebbles brought it (back) to my attention and No 1 on this weeks list: try this if you’re in need of a rapid log of all your tasks, events and notes for this year…and the next…and the next…

7. If you want to flag fabricated news (on Facebook)

8. Yes:

9. Wanna know what Pablo Escobar’s son is up to?

10. Now your pet can call you

11. One of the most real interviews I’ve seen in a long time:

12. Purpose in life = greater wealth – thanks Jocelyn K. Glei

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