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Feeding list #1

Alright, here goes another try to bring some routine in to this weird world of thoughts. This is basically a reading list but because I’m the master of bad wordplay and some of the content isn’t just …well text I named it [drum roll please]: Feeding list. Because it’s a reading list in a body of a feed or feeding for your reading list. Wow, I know.

So what is the slightly intriguing, slightly falsely leading into a “how to treat your pet today” direction serie exactly and about? We all know the yada yada talk about the information overflow of the “internet”. There is SO MUCH going on. So how do you filter smart and satisfying content besides creating hate and love lists on Facebook? Look no further, this is it. Alright, I don’t know about the smart aspiration but hopefully this will bring you some satisfying value each week. That’s it: a weekly love letter from me to you about all the funny, motivating, thoughtful, stupid, entertaining, important and what not content that crosses my path (and from now on yours). Are you ready? I SAID ARE YOU READY? Cool.

Here comes Feeding list #1:

1. Let’s start with something visually mesmerizing and fluffy. A panda on a rocking horse.

2. I came across Jocelyn K. Glei through the 99U books and I just like her practical approach on everything related to work in a world of distractions. Here is the newest example: You Can’t Accomplish Anything Without Context

3. Ruby seadragon filmed for the first time (in Western Australia)

4. I have to admit I have a huge girl crush on that woman and her brilliant mind: Tina Roth “SwissMiss” Eisenberg is – as her Twitter handle let you assume right – a Swiss designer and entrepreneur. She founded Creative Mornings, Tattly, an app (TeuxDeux) and a co-working space in Brooklyn. If you’re not in love with her by now, watch my so far favourite talk of her at the (here we go again) 99U conference two years ago: Tina Roth Eisenberg: Don’t Complain, Create. I watched it again this week to get into a good mindset for my job interviews, it’s just so damn motivating.

5. The Hermit Who Inadvertently Shaped Climate-Change Science

6. Someone reverse engineered the umbrella – and it totally works – perfect for Melbourne weather 😉

7. A gadget for making 360° with YOUR PHONE!

8. My sound of the week:

9. If you haven’t seen it already or if you have it doesn’t matter because it’s something so beautiful you can watch it over and over again: Viola Davis introduces Meryl Streep Lifetime Achievement Award at the 74th Golden Globes (#friendshipgoals):

10. “It’s a screen, and yet it’s also a set of buttons” – happy 10th anniversary iPhone.

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