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Nice thoughts in December | #15

I don’t know what’s happening to me this year but not even the shitty weather outside can’t bring my mood down. It’s funny how the same things can look totally different when you allow yourself to change your perspective. Last year I would’ve mostly definitely ranted on and on about the fucking rain and the snowy rain and the rainy snow. But this year… I like the fresh air that comes with the cold weather, I don’t care about the raindrops on my cheeks or that I look like a freaking poodle when I don’t wear a hat. Is that what ageing feels like? Haha. But in all honesty I really seem to care less about those stupid things. There you go I call them stupid now. I somehow exchanged dark and cold with cosy and fresh. Maybe it’s still that little bit of Australian ease that’s left inside of me. Who knows. As long as it’s staying I’ll try to cultivate it, embrace every minute of it and hopefully make it a part of me.

Speaking of the annoying easy-going mate I am at the moment, I didn’t even mind going out in the rainy weather today and work outside with my Dad on a little crafty project I planned for awhile now.

It’s just a small project but it took awhile to find one part of the thing I want to make. I needed a tree trunk. I didn’t just want to buy one, I wanted to upcycle one. And good things come to those who wait, so a couple of days ago my parent’s neighbours felled one of their trees and lovely as they are, they gave on big piece to me. So my Dad and I sliced it up. It was my first time working with a chainsaw and at the risk of sounding like a potential massacre creep: I LOVED IT! I don’t know what it is but it’s so much fun to do things yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love online shopping to the dark corners of my wallet and back but it’s just so much more rewarding to look at or sit at / on the things you actually made yourself.

The planning part is fun, the process is exciting and seeing the finished product is so gratifying. I guess it’s the experimenting element that excites me the most. Nothing ever works out as you planned it and often in my cases I just don’t know enough about what professionals would do, so I just try it out. It’s a bit like an iterative design circle where I’m the designer, developer and user. After you tested your prototype you collect your flaws and think about ways to make it better and then test it again. Creating till it’s right for your purpose. And maybe even creating a bit more if the purpose changes.

Unfortunately I couldn’t finish this little project because the wood needs to dry before the next steps. But I’ll keep you updated because this will hopefully be our first little self-made furniture piece in the neeeeeewwwwww flat. Yes!

(outfit credits to my Mom – her work jacket is on fleek!)

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