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Nice thoughts in December | #13

I’ve always been a sucker for postcards – both in terms of writing them and receiving them. It simply combines two of my favourite things in the world: writing and bringing a bit of joy to someone else. How cliché, right? But you know me, I love a little bit of cliché here and there sometimes.

It wouldn’t be fair to say no one writes postcards anymore. At least the mandatory vacation card definitely lands in our letterbox on a regular basis. “Weather is awesome / shit. We’ve seen this and that and it was great. Our hotel room is so spacious / way too small. The food is delicious / awful. I wanna move here / can’t wait to come home.” Stuff like that. At the risk of never receiving a holiday card ever again I’m going to categorise these types of cards as ‘writing not important but thoughtful gesture’. Usually you’re getting all the really important deets afterwards, including every single photo (even the blurry ones) and it’s unique story when you meet for the obligatory ‘after-holiday-session’. Don’t get me wrong I love it – every single postcard and every single after-session.

But then there are the other cards: where every little letter is full of lametta love, celebration, joy, gratitude, congratulations, longing, kindness, honesty, sometimes sadness and often just nice thoughts and so much more. I love to write those cards – just because I think of someone and I want to tell her that not using [insert your guilty messenger here] or I want to say thank you in an unusual ordinary way. OR I have an event coming up like … Christmas. It’s the perfect excuse to get crafty as well. And oh man, it’s the easiest thing for making someone else smile with something you made yourself.

Especially this year I’m looking forward to creating personal cards for my loved ones because I won’t have a lot of presents to wrap in my craftiness. My family and I agreed to draw lots which we did two weeks ago. Everyone drew a lot with a name of another family member who we’ll give one present (limited budget) to on December 24th 25th (this year). Of course, the kids are excluded but they only had one wish each anyway. Modesty runs in the family. HA! My yay-less-consumerism-self is a huge fan of this idea, my I-love-giving-presents-so-freakin-much-self is struggling with it. All the more creating personal cards is the perfect balance between both selfs (says the third I-know-everything-better-self with a smile). So go crazy (or like me apparently: even crazier) with pens and pencils, paper and scissors, flowers and textiles, cookie cutters as a stencil or whatever you have at hand really.

I like minimalistic ones, so I used simple brown cardboard cards (for all German peeps: you can find pretty cheap and nice ones at dm at the moment) and different pens, e.g. the amazing water-based white pen from granit which you usually use on glass or mirrors (and simply remove with water) or these metallic brush pens which give a nice glowy effect or my favourite: these alphabet stamps (again from granit). Not all of the cards will be send out via mail but rather gifted in person so I released my inner hippie and used some eucalyptus as deco, too – as well as some really nice two-coloured thin yarn (bought at modulor Berlin).

Remember this Christmas Spotify list (still taking your recommendations btw)? Put it on and get your card craftiness in full motion (mulled wine optional but always welcomed). I promise it will be fun – for the whole family! Here some kickstarters:



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