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Christmas baubles – DIY

I’m so freaking excited for Christmas. It’s ridiculous but you already knew that. I don’t know if that’s the reason my creative juices are pouring out of me like crazy lately (sorry, that sounded way less disgusting in my head…) or maybe it’s because I’m a tad too bored at the moment. Whatever it is it gives me the motivation to make stuff. Lucky for you I’ll share this stuff. Here. Now. Duh.

I think my last proper DIY besides the little detour in yesterday’s #NicethoughtsinDecember post was this table (I wish he could be with us at our temporary place but there is no space, he has to wait till we have our own new flat – and yes, I get REALLY attached to the things I’ve made. Yes, I give them names. Oh Tommy, I miss you).

Okay back to today’s super easy way to create your own (Christmas) baubles / tree hanger thingies or as I would introduce you: meet Agnes, Lola and little Steve. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I’ve been experimenting with polymer clay lately (yeah, it’s one picture) and I’m loving it. Form whatever you want, put it in the oven for 30 minutes and tada, it’s hard and ready to use / wear / throw. So when I dreamt of all the Christmas joy to come this idea came to me.

What you need:

– Polymer clay (I used the white one from FIMO but they have a lot of great colours)
– Eye pins (you can find them usually in DIY jewellery sets, I have this one)
– Biscuit cutters (or a knife of you want to go wild and free hand)
– Rolling pin (I used a bottle)
– Paper towel (or some non-sticky pad or mat)
– Baking paper and tray

It’s basically like making Christmas cookies: take the dough clay of your choice, work the shit out of it so it gets smooth. Put it on your paper towel (I’ve tried other mats and a wooden tray but paper towels worked best for me because they are the least stickiest), smush it. Then take your rolling pin or a simple glass bottle (that’s what I used and it worked great) and roll the clay out evenly. Don’t make it too thin. Take your biscuit cutters and / or your knife and cut out the form you want. Put in one eye pin per piece on the designated spot where you’d like to hang it.
Take all your little hanger friends and put them in the oven, bake as recommended (usually 30 minutes at 110 degrees). Done. Easy peasy, right?

Go crazy and make patterns with anything you can find (before you bake them) – my finger print one was an accident but hey, it doesn’t get more personal than that or letter them or put colourful little pearls on them (also before you bake them but you knew that, didn’t you?).

They’re so quick to make and such adorable, little, self-made Christmas stocking presents for your loved ones. So Mom, you know what you’ll get 💛

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