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Nice thoughts in December | #8

It’s Friday, lovely people. I hope your day was wonderful and full of nice thoughts like mine. It started with an early morning. I told you I’ve been struggling with my routine at the moment, so today it actually worked and I got up at seven. But of course there was a reason, so does it still count? I guess I can’t sell it as a routine just yet, but maybe that should be my strategy: doing appointments and meetings bright and early in the morning. Or I could just get my ass out of bed early because it’s called self-discipline (consider this as a note to myself).

Anyhow, I went to CreativeMornings today which is a free event, on a Friday (you guessed it right) morning once a month at a different location, mainly for the creative scene but really anyone can join. It was founded in 2008 by the amazing Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swissmiss). What started as an easy-to-access, regular event for the creative scene in New York turned into a world wide community event that takes place in over 180 cities. Every month a different chapter (read city) chooses a new global theme for the upcoming month. But they can explain it better than me so here you go:

Yep, free coffee and croissants are great, too. But what matters to me is that it really does inspire. Either the talk or a newly met person gives you a new perspective on totally different things or both. So you can not just connect with other people but also with new topics or familiar ones in a new way. I only went to the Melbourne and Berlin ones so far but I’m sure all of them are a great experience and most definitely a really motivating way to start your Friday. If you have the chance check them out. Okay, at this point I should probably say I’m not being paid for this – I’m just a fan girl ❤️

This morning the lovely Christina Serifi talked about urban spaces and their emotional spirit and how important it is (e.g. as an architect) to see the heritage, history, collective and emotional use of the broader space where you want to create something new and how it all can be connected in the most suitable and best way. It was a fascinating almost philosophical approach to creating new urban and non-urban spaces. But what I carried with me today was her answer to a question from the crowd about the responsibility of a designer in regards to fast-changing multicultural hubs like Berlin. She said: designers need to build bridges. It’s true, but I think not just for creative people (or people in the creative industry) but for everyone. Translations are needed every day on so many levels and it’s not just up to the creative industry to connect. Every human being should have that on her / his personal value list. That was my thought and then I started to check myself because as the great philosopher Ice Cube said: “Check yo self before you wreck yo self.” Do I do that? How could I translate this to my daily life (ha!)? What could I do better?

I definitely need to think about it more because it’s not easy to analyse yourself and your actions and in the end be honest to yourself but I know this much: I could most definitely do better. I like to connect people, build bridges between two or more people so they can help each other and I can honestly say I enjoy this without expectations for anything in return. I’m truly happy if I can assist others with such a small thing like giving a phone number or email address.

I like to smile at people – most of them probably think I’m a weirdo but when I do it I just think about giving them at least one creepy nice thing they experienced that day. When I think about it now and in this context (ha! that was the topic today by the way), maybe this small gesture can be considered as a tiny bridge to kindness and a simple way of connecting with a stranger. And isn’t that what we should all do and need especially nowadays: connect with each other. What do you think?

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